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Internet Fax Services are becoming popular in many companies as a way for correspondence. The effectiveness of online fax messages is comprehended by the companies when compared to the traditional fax machine. There was once a time when traditional fax machines were the only way to send messages to the clients. The cost of sending fax through these traditional fax machines was high and the performance of the company was sometimes affected because of this.

Disadvantages of Using Traditional Fax Machine

Technical Complications: When using traditional fax machines, one needs a lot of patience. One must deal with the paper jams, drained ink and other technical factors that occurred during the busiest hours. Another complication is the busy line at the other end. For sending a fax to the other end, one must wait for the recipient line to be available. This is so annoying when the wait becomes endless. Highly Priced Accessories: One of the main investments for a company is to buy a good fax machine. Along with it, there must be a constant supply of ink and paper. A fax machine should also have a printer and scanner attached to it. Along with this, there needs to be a lot of office supplies for a smooth running of the machine. Messaging Charges: Sometimes, the international fax message that is sent, is even more expensive than making an international call.

Internet Faxing Vs Traditional Faxing

All the problems found in the traditional fax service is solved with the Internet Fax Services. It is now possible for individuals to send fax online even via smartphones without encountering the above problems.
No High Cost: Online fax service providers will demand no or very less fee to the services offered by them. Even if there is a charge, it is only going to be very less adding up to only few hundred dollars per year.

No Delays: Anytime and with even a smart phone in hand. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you are inside the office or working from home or for that matter, on the other side of the world. Fax messages reach the recipient without any delay and thus, does not delay any business operations.

By Email: In online fax system, there is no need for a fax machine. All the fax messages will be sent to the recipients’ email with the documents in attachments. If the recipient’s fax number is placed on their email address, the message will be sent to the recipient’s fax machine.

Advantages of Using Online Fax Services

Online Fax Services have many advantages over the traditional fax systems. Apart from saving money, it is also effective in the business world. Here are few advantages that is discussed in short.

Send Fax Messages Quickly

Traditional Fax messages takes more time when being sent to the recipients. But with Online Fax services, the tasks get executed within seconds. The messages can be sent through laptops, desktops or even smart phones! In addition to sending the messages, the sender also gets acknowledgement within minutes to confirm that the recipient has received the message. With Online fax services, faxing is made easy as sending e-mail messages. When the fax messages are sent online, they are first sent to a hosting service. This service converts the message into the appropriate format based on whether it is sent to an e-mail or to a fax machine. When you are receiving a fax message, they are converted into an e-mail format to quickly read it from your computer or smart phone.
Saves Space

Traditional Fax Services require a fax machine, modem and separate phone lines that not only occupy space, but also cost a lot of money. Setting up the hardware also requires time. For Online Fax, all these are not required. Everything can be done with computers just by installing the necessary software. As internet is being used, there is no need for separate phone lines.

Saves Money

The service provider charges the faxing rate based on the location in the case of traditional fax machines. But in Online Fax Services, the rates are constant irrespective of the location and length of the messages. There are so many other advantages like acquiring a toll-free number that would encourage the customers to give a call as it is not charged. It is recommended to use the online service as it is a great way to send and receive fax messages.


No High Cost

While traditional fax service is a high cost affair as it needs a lot of accessories and the message charges are high.

No Delays

We already discussed about the technical complications in traditional faxing services. With online fax services, one can send messages anywhere.

By Email

In online fax system, there is no need for a fax machine. All the fax messages will be sent to the recipients' email with the documents in attachments


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